Is the SBA an answer to financial success?

The SBA is your answer to your financial success! Unlike other kinds of loans, the SBA 7(a) offers low interest rates, low monthly payments and a 10-year term. (With benefits like this) With guaranteed money in your pocket (your company’s bank account) you can do all the things you only dreamed of!

See the success of other industrious business owners like you! They seized the obvious opportunity that empowered them to better themselves and the health of their business. A vibrant new storefront. Additional capable, happy workers. Media and advertisement that promotes you and your business personality. We want to work with you, to let YOU shine through. To present your best business to the world. Show what you’re made of. Let us help you make all things possible. Great things are in your future.

You work in a small town. (We know) We get it. Everybody knows your shop. You are renowned for your friendly service, quality product and genuine care for the people you serve. You know people by name- employees and customers alike. You are a staple of the community. Don’t you owe yourself and your loyal patrons the best? Now, we’re not saying you aren’t doing great- because you are. And that’s precisely the point. BECAUSE YOU ARE SUCCESSFUL, we want to help you attain to EVEN GREATER SUCCESS!

The Mind of a Small Business Owner:

He looks around his shop appreciatively after a long day. Sweeps up and sets the broom down with a smile. He folds his arms and thinks back to the beginning; He remembers the day he first opened his doors. He remembers hiring his first employee. His first dollar. Since then, things have been going great. He’s got cash flow, loyal customers, and a shop that he can be proud of. “But,” he thinks as he flips the sign to ‘Closed’ and turns off the lights, “have I reached my potential?” “What is the definition of success? Better yet, what is MY definition of success?”


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